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SSL Information

Q: What is the difference between shared ssl and private ssl?
A: A shared ssl displays as https://ip/~yourusername/ A private ssl would display as in the address bar.

Q: How do I purchase a private ssl from you and what type is it?
A: We sell Comodo 128 bit certificates for $85 a year and include free installation. To purchase an SSL from us please complete the request form located atSSL Request Form

Q: Can you tell me a little about Comodo SSL's?
A: Comodo SSL's are trusted by over 99.3% of internet browsers (equal to Verisign and Thawte certificates). The only difference between one ssl type and another is the browser recognition. You can rest assured the Comodo SSL certificates we are selling are among the highest browser recognition in the industry. To name a few of the browsers.. all Internet Explorer 5.00 and above, Netscape 4x and above, AOL 5 and above and Opera 5 and above and comes pre-installed with all Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X operating systems.

Q: Do you have a seal I can place on my site?
A: Yes -

Q: I'm going to purchase my own ssl what do I need to know?
A: Our servers are Apache + Mod SSL If you require assistance from us to install it there will be a $35.00 installation fee. We will need both the key and the csr. You will also need a dedicated ip before contacting us which can be purchased here.

Q: How do I transfer a ssl?
A: Every place that sells ssl's has a different transfer procedure. You will need to ask the supplier you purchased it from.

If you have any questions please click above or check out our FAQ's.

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